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SAI offers high-tech solutions that facilitate the design, development, test, production, fielding, sustainment and improvement/modification. A part of our process is the integration of cost-effective systems and approaches for meeting logistics readiness requirements. This includes support for maintenance planning, manpower and personnel, supply support, support equipment, technical manuals and technical data, training and training devices, computer resources, facilities packaging, handling, storage and transportation design interface 

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Configuration and Data Management

SAI is a leader in providing configuration and data management solutions to government and industry. We have detailed knowledge of  the Configuration Management Information Systems (CMIS), DoD's standard configuration management system. In 1998 CMIS became the first system sponsored by the Joint Logistics Systems Center to achieve approval for deployment. 

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Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD)

SAI's solutions provide systems and methodologies that support the integration of all IPPD activities, from product concept through production and fielding. Our  approach helps optimize product and manufacturing processes, and enhances sustainment activities so that clients meet cost and performance objectives. 

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Manufacturing and Production

SAI supports manufacturing and production activities associated with the concurrent development and maturation of product design. Our design solutions enhance producibility, accelerate product introduction, increase quality and reduce overall cost.  In addition to new production we are a leader in process reengineering and best practice analysis for remanufacturing and depot-level maintenance, repair and overhaul operations. 

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Quality Assurance

SAI quality assurance solutions ensure products meet client requirements at an affordable cost. Our approach emphasizes development of quality products through the system engineering design process of the product. We also specialize in streamlining quality assurance policy and methods for high technology systems. 

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Reliability and Maintainability (R&M)

SAI offers a powerful legacy of support for R&M activities. We understand that reliability, maintainability and availability have a direct impact on both operational capability and life-cycle costs. And, we offer proven systems and solutions that have already saved US government agencies millions of dollars through the application of advanced R&M-based logistics solutions. 

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Risk Management

SAI's approach to risk management includes a systematic but flexible method of identifying, analyzing and controlling areas or events that have the potential for causing unwanted change. Our risk management solutions are tailored to specific client needs and generally include Planning for risk management Continuously identifying and analyzing program events Assessing risk likelihood and consequences Incorporating handling actions to control risk events Monitoring progress toward program goals

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Training and Education

We support government and industry education and training standards, requirements, and courses for the civilian and military acquisition workforce. We have developed and delivered all forms of training and education support including basic maintenance and operator skill training, as well as formal instruction to support the professional development of acquisition and logistics specialists. 

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