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Import/Export licensing

Compliance with U.S. and Foreign Government Import and Export regulations is essential to the successful international marketing and sale of produces and services. 

Violations of these regulations may result in fines, criminal and/or civil penalties, and/or imprisonment for both the company and its employees, and in the suspension of export/import privileges for the company and its employees. 

SAI Corporation provides a low-risk and cost-effective solution to compliance with these regulations and to the complex process of obtaining export approval from the US and Foreign governments. We apply our proven management system and our expertise to the import and export management problem. 

We use tools, performance measurement, and cost/schedule control to assure compliance with government requirements and to ensure that appropriate data and information is available to all personnel.

General Information on Export Control

Export controls refer to government rules and regulations that govern the transfer of commodities (equipment, hardware, or materiel), technologies (technical data, information, or assistance), and software (commercial or custom) to any non-U.S. entity or individual, wherever the transfer may take place.

But, when is something "export sensitive?" Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell. Because export controls serve multiple purposes - from guarding our national security, to protecting our national economy, to supporting U.S. foreign policy objectives.

As a result, different government agencies have designated areas of responsibility in export control and corresponding rules and lists regarding "who," "what," or "where" is considered export sensitive. What's more, these rules and lists are updated constantly. And, in a given situation, any -- or none -- may apply.

Still, it is the exporter's responsibility to know about and abide by all applicable U.S. export controls. The following topics are provided to help exporters in this awareness:

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