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SAI Corporation can convert legacy documents from native processing systems for inclusion into the XML/SGML or word processing  environment.  Traditionally prepared graphics are converted to electronic media by digitally scanning on high-resolution scanners to create raster formats or can be fully digitized into a vector format to fulfill all requirements. These conversions can be accomplished with no loss of data accuracy or graphic degradation. Legacy documents are introduced by scanning on high-resolution OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and graphical digital scanners, and also can be converted to an electronic format.

SAI can also text convert files between any industry standard document or word processing applications (Adobe, Corel, Lotus, Macromedia, Microsoft, etc.).  We can convert any of the above word processing files into either web pages (i.e. HTML documents) or Portable Document Format (PDF) files. 

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Last modified: March 11, 2006