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Readiness and Supportability

Readiness and Supportability tasks supporting ILS activities include:

  • Developing readiness objectives to support mission needs
  • Integrating supportability design objectives explicitly in statements of work and specifications
  • Relating readiness activities to the budget
  • Developing and update comprehensive planning of integrated logistic support (ILS) activities
  • Ensuring early front end development of readiness objectives

Provide functional and technical program management services to support the development and integration of logistic support elements.

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Influence Early Design 

Provide integrated logistics functional and technical services in the following areas:

  • Develop maintenance concepts to support system design, procurement, development and hardware and software transition.
  • Provide ILS planning, coordination, technical expertise and MANPRINT influence in the initial functional allocation of tasks between people, hardware and software.
  • Assist in developing logistic-related design constraints and readiness requirements.

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Maintenance Planning

Providing maintenance planning/procedures early in the acquisition process so as to increase system supportability and decrease overall life-cycle costs.

  • Evaluating and/or develop maintenance concept data. Coordinate and/or interface with other departments and supporting activities on maintenance planning matters.
  • Conducting Level of Repair Analyses to optimize system support.
  • Defining actions and support required for material fielding.
  • Conducting studies and alternative strategies for inter-service maintenance requirements, proposed organic and contractor mix, projected workloads, and the use of interim contractor support.
  • Participating in concept formulation and concept definition of developmental systems/subsystems, training devices and related equipment concerning logistical and technical management aspects.
  • Evaluating and provide recommendations to Operational Capability documentation.
  • Conducting maintenance engineering reviews, analyses and evaluations to correct known or potential deficiencies impacting readiness and cost of systems, assemblies, components and spare/replacement parts.
  • Recommending ILS input to the formulation of Requests for Proposal to include:
  1. Assistance in preparing Statements of Work (SOWs) and Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs)
  2. Ensure maintenance and supportability requirements are articulated.

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Manpower Studies and Assessments

Reviewing, evaluating and proposing necessary actions to ensure the timely identification of military and civilian personnel required to support DISN systems. Manpower requirements are based on ILS elements and MANPRINT considerations.

Provide support for the decision process to optimize numbers, skills, grades, human factor considerations and soldier-machine interface.

Conduct Manpower Requirements Criteria studies to develop documentation for determining the manpower requirements of specified system, assemblies, components and spare/replacement parts.

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Supply Support

Providing expertise required to support the aspects of supply requirements. This encompasses all actions, procedures, and techniques used to:

  • Provision for initial support
  • Stock, store and issue
  • Dispose of secondary items
  • Determine requirements for acquiring, distributing and replenishing the inventory
  • Maintain system readiness under diverse conditions

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Support Equipment and Test, Measurement and Diagnostics Equipment

Providing expertise essential for planning and life cycle management of support equipment, TMDE, and Automated Test Equipment (ATE).

Technical Data: Translating material system requirements into discrete engineering and logistic support documentation, to include:

  • Determine the need for and/or supporting the development of logistics support documentation such as:
  1. Technical Manuals, Repair Parts Special Tools List (RPSTL)
  2. Critical Parts List
  3. Drawings/Specifications/Technical Data Package
  4. Provisioning Documentation
  5. Technical and Supply Bulletins
  6. Maintenance Expenditure Limits and Calibration Procedures
  7. Software Documentation
  • Support as Human Factors Engineering and human-machine interface.
  • Perform or participate in technical writing tasks for Technical Manuals and documentation that require an understanding of ILS. Present the technical matter in a clear, concise and accurate written format. Review, analyze, edit and update written technical material developed by others.

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Packaging, Handling and Storage

Providing expertise concerning packaging, handling, and storage. Tasks to include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Evaluate existing documentation, make recommendations to ensure that system equipment and support items are preserved, packaged marked, handled, and stored properly for short and long term requirements.
  • Assist in developing, coordinating and updating PHS documentation and specifications.
  • Assist design, develop, coordinate, and update PHS documentation and specifications.
  • Determine packaging level and storage requirements based on one or more of the following:
  • Geographic and environmental restrictions
  • System constraints, i.e. design specifications, safety precautions for hazardous material, an item configuration etc.
  • Need for special handling equipment and procedures
  • Special security requirements
  • Impact on spare and repair parts

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Transportation and Transportability

Planning and programming the details associated with movement of the system components in their shipping configuration.

Determining transportation modes and networks available and authorized for use. Providing recommendations for increased transportation and transportability support and/or decreased costs based on established design parameters and constraints.

Planning, assessing, participating in and preparing documentation for:

  • Transportability Demonstration
  • Validation/Verification of Technical Manuals Related to All Modes of a Shipment
  • Customers Requirements

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Reviewing, evaluating, and/or proposing necessary action to accommodate timely facility planning. This encompasses those management actions, procedures, and techniques used to insure that all required permanent or semi-permanent operating and support facilities are available concurrent with system fielding

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