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 Program Management

SAIís Program Managers use proven management tools and techniques coupled with standard integrated information systems to maintain direct control of programs and to assist the government in monitoring, controlling and reporting schedules, cost, risks, and performance.  Support can include performing generation of work breakdown structures, time-scaled logic network charts and reports as well as "what if" cost and schedule analysis.

SAI also has experience with managing programs involving multiple contractors or agencies where information comes from a variety of sources.  SAI can consolidate this information into a common project database allowing cost, schedule, and performance data to be analyzed quickly and efficiently.  In this way our Program Mangers can detect variances and report them, along with the recommended corrective action to the government Project Manager.

SAI encourages periodic formal and informal reviews, reports and communication among government and contractor project participants for programs to permit close monitoring and control of cost, schedule, risk and technical performance milestones.  Periodic formal reviews with government managers ensure high-level involvement. 

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 Program Integration (team leader)

SAIís expertise in the use of staged integration will support MOBIS by providing team leaders familiar with a process that ensures low-risk program integration and optimum utilization of resources and facilities. 

Staged integration means that a complex system is divided into subsystems.  Each subsystem integration effort is then divided into a series of distinct, manageable subtasks each having clearly defined milestones, performance measurements and management indicators to assess progress and quickly identify problems.  Each subtask adds to the functions and features of its predecessor with subtasks overlapped to provide optimum utilization of resources and facilities. 

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  Program Oversight

SAIís experience in the use of scheduling, cost control, and performance measurement systems supports MOBIS by providing program oversight assistance and expertise to key government program personnel. 

SAI Program Managers are knowledgeable in all recognized program oversight tools and techniques.  These include automated tools such as: management information systems (MIS), cost/schedule control systems (C/SCS), cost accumulation system integration (CASI) and technical performance measurement (TPM) systems. 

Typically, cost/schedule control systems (C/SCS) and Management Information System (MIS) are used to monitor project costs and schedule.  These systems use a project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) as a foundation to identify all program requirements and tasks.  These program oversight tools are typically scaleable and can be implemented on programs of different size, scope and complexity.  They are used to monitor and report program work. 

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 Project Management

SAIís experience with managing projects will benefit MOBIS by providing the government with a resource pool of experienced Project Managers capable of supporting government projects involving both government and contractor personnel.

SAIís Project Managers use industry and government standard tools, techniques and integrated project information systems to assist the government in managing projects.  Project Management support is customized to individual customer and project requirements and can include schedule, cost and performance support. 

SAI specializes in projects involving multiple contractors and/or government agencies where information comes from a variety of sources.  For these complex projects, SAI recommends a combination of formal and informal program status meetings and reviews with government staff, contractors and subcontractors as the means for providing the primary source of project technical, risk, and schedule milestone information.  Weekly informal reviews form the basis of the weekly project review and are the primary forum for project communication.  Periodic formal reviews with government and contractor project managers assure appropriate attention and oversight at higher management levels. 

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